Flashback Friday- Erie Invaders 2000 Season

July 16, 2010

Flashback Friday- Erie Invaders
I have uploaded a few vintage clips of the Erie Invaders vs. Bismark Blaze from the 2000 IFL Season. It is fun to take a look at how the game has progressed over the past decade; from the style of play, the quality of player, and the uniforms. Enjoy this brief clip including a halftime interview with Invaders Coach Gary Tufford, and unfortunately for Erie a touchdown drive by the Blaze. The Invaders were defeated by the Blaze in this home contest as they struggled to move the football and had a difficult time in stopping the powerful Bismark running game. The game features several coaches currently serving as Head Coaches in the IFL. Bismark Blaze Head Coach Collins Saunders is currently the Head Coach of the Colorado Ice, and Blaze Defensive Coordinator Rik Richards is the Head Coach of the Green Bay Blizzard. Video Clip is courtesy of the Image Sports Network http://www.imagesportsnetwork.tv