2010 AIFA League Meetings Wrap-up

BALTIMORE, MD (September 22, 2010) – The American Indoor Football Association (AIFA) completed two successful days of owner’s meeting on September 17th and 18th at dual sites located in Baltimore, Maryland and Reno, Nevada. At the top of the agenda were national sponsors and vendors, revenue opportunities for teams, increased fan interaction, and numerous administrative items including the 2011 divisional alignment and schedule.

“These were the most successful owners’ meetings I have seen in our five years as a league. We had a solid group of owners discussing ways to continue to improve the AIFA,” stated AIFA Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Morris.

AIFA owners were presented with a number of briefings from national entities which would increase revenue for the clubs, boost awareness of the AIFA across the country, and lower costs for owners; while providing premier living conditions for out of town players. Presentations included a national organization, which submitted plans for a potential cash sponsorship to the AIFA, proposals for increasing revenue streams through television, webcasting, and web-based team stores from several national syndicators and ad agencies, and a presentation from a national hotel chain, which would provide housing with full kitchens for AIFA teams in their local markets to house out of town players during the season, as well as, a discounted room rate for teams for away games while on the road. National vendors also provided proposals on artificial turf, custom mouth guards, insurance and uniforms. The meetings also focused on increased fan interaction. Creation of an AIFA Fan of the Year contest was discussed, in which one lucky fan would win tickets, transportation, hotel accommodations and meals for two to the AIFA championship game. A proposal to allow fan voting, along with AIFA coaches, for players of the week on offensive, defensive, and special teams as well as all-star players through a independent national voting service was also discussed by AIFA team owners. Video and audio streaming of AIFA games through one of the industries leaders whose clients include the NFL, NHL, as well as, major colleges spawned enthusiastic talks.

Among the administrative items discussed were the AIFA playoffs, divisional alignments, coaches and players’ pay, the 2011 schedule, the league fee structure, services provided by the AIFA, the league television contract, and AIFA operations manual and rule book revisions. The AIFA, which will be entering its fifth season of play, plans to release its divisional alignment and schedule in the near future. “These were highly productive meetings and working with our team owners I am excited for the product we will provide our fans across the country in 2011,” said Morris.