AIFA League Meetings Scheduled for Baltimore, MD

BALTIMORE, MD (September 11, 2010) – The American Indoor Football Association (AIFA), set to kickoff its fifth season in 2011, will host a unique set of owners’ meetings at sites in Baltimore, Maryland and Reno, Nevada on September 17th and 18th. At the top of the agenda for the dual meetings are introduction of a league-wide national hotel sponsorship, other national sponsors and vendors, sales/marketing and profit sharing with teams, increased fan interaction and involvement, a league financed playoff package, and the 2011 AIFA televised Game of the Week. “We topped off a successful 2010 season with over 6,000 fans at AIFA Bowl IV, now we are laying the groundwork for a tremendous 2011 season, in which we will celebrate our 5th year of play,” stated AIFA Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer John Morris. In a unique concept, targeted toward reducing travel time and costs for its member organizations, the AIFA will host simultaneous meetings in Baltimore and Reno. The assemblies will operate independently with portions simulcast between the two locations. Representatives from seven teams will participate in the talks in Baltimore and five will attend the gathering in Reno.

At the top of the agenda are revenue generating and cost saving opportunities for the AIFA members. Included is introduction of a league-wide national hotel sponsorship with over 700 locations. Also numerous national companies will be making presentations on products including equipment, uniforms, insurance, video streaming and more. In addition sales/marketing and profit sharing, as well as, a league financed playoff package will be discussed. Also slated for discussion is increased fan interaction and involvement and a focus on national media including the 2011 AIFA televised Game of the Week. “We’re looking forward to two days of solid talks with our teams and outstanding presentations from some of the top companies in the U.S. These two days, in two great cities, will launch us toward a great 2011 season,” said Morris.