Erie Storm Coaches Show

Leading up to to the 2011 season I will be hosting a weekly Coaches Show on UStream. The goal of the show will be to provide you with tremendous insight into our preparation and planning as we work to bring the 2011 Championship to Erie. We will review our previous game, preview our upcoming opponent, have special guests (players, coaches, staff) and even answer some fan questions. We may even have some episodes where we go on location and take you inside the film room or a practice session to give you a true behind the scenes look at our team. During the off-season I will attempt to have a show bi-monthly to update the fans on the formation of our 2011 roster and other exciting news regarding our franchise. The show can be viewed live on the front page of this website or by clicking the Coaches Show link at the bottom of the page. Archived shows can be viewed here . A full schedule will be posted at a later date, but the broadcast is tentatively planned for Thursdays at 7:00pm (Eastern).