Ask The Coach- Favorite NFL Team

With the NCAA/NFL season fast approaching I tackle an NFL question along with a preseason Super Bowl prediction. Keep the questions coming and I will attempt to answer as many as possible.

Question- Coach who is your favorite NFL Team. I figured it is probably the Steelers but just thought I would ask. Do you think they will win the Super Bowl this year.
TJ – Edinboro

Answer- Being born and raised in Pittsburgh I may be one of the few non-Steelers fans in the city. I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan and have been since I was a young boy. Growing up I enjoyed watching the way that the Bengals played the game with one of the most exciting offensive units in the NFL with Quarterback Boomer Esiason, Ickey Woods, and a group of great Wide Receivers. Their coach Sam Wyche was a true innovator with his no-huddle and sugar huddle and had such an impact on the game that the NFL incorporated rules to slow down the Bengals attack. I was very pleased with the season the Bengals had last year after a bunch of lean seasons, and with their recent addition of Terrell Owens to bolster the passing game I look for a big season in Cincinnati. As far as a Super Bowl prediction I will go with the Bengals in the AFC and the Chicago Bears in the NFC. Mike Martz is running the offense in Chicago and has the trigger-man in Jay Cutler to put up some serious points. With that said I am predicting the Bears to be the surprise team out of the NFC, and make it a Bengals vs. Bears Super Bowl match-up. Thank you for the question and keep them coming.- SL