From Indoor Football to the NFL

I just wanted to pass along a tremendous story of hard-work, dedication, and never giving up on your dream. The Green Bay Packers recently signed a player Maurice Simpkins who played last season with the IFL’s Green Bay Blizzard. You can read the tremendous story of his journey from the Indoor Leagues to the NFL here . It is a tremendous story and is a tribute to the Green Bay Blizzard organization and coach Rik Richards who does an excellent job year in and year out. This story illustrates why athletes continue to play this game at the professional indoor and arena level, for an opportunity to continue to receive film to showcase their talents to a higher level. Often players will sit around and wait for an opportunity to come to them or expect their agents or coaches to get them an opportunity. This article reinforces the point that this players tireless efforts landed him an opportunity to showcase himself at the games highest level.