AIFA All-Star Ballot

August 2, 2010

The 2010 American Indoor Football Association season has come to a conclusion, and it is now time for the league to select their All-Star Teams. I am not sure what this process entails however in past seasons the head coaches, assistant coaches, and owner/general manager were given a ballot to select the respective All-Star teams in their divisions. I have compiled my own un-official Eastern Conference All-Star Ballot for the 2010 season. When selecting an All-Star team I consider several factors including statistics, impact the player has had on the success of his team overall, and the impact the player had in games played against our team. I try to weigh all of these factors together to select the best players possible, and it is a very difficult job because of all of the outstanding talent in the AIFA. Please remember that I can not vote for my own players, and I certainly feel that several members of our 2010 Erie Storm team are worthy of league All-Star recognition.

QB- E. J. Nemeth- Baltimore Mariners
RB- Isaiah Greer – Baltimore Mariners RB- Eugene Goodman- Harrisburg Stampede
OL- Nyere Aymaitre- Harrisburg Stampede
OL-Konstatinos Kosmakos- Baltimore Mariners
OL-Randall Bennett – Harrisburg Stampede
WR-Kevin Marion- Harrisburg Stampede WR- Scorpio Brown- Baltimore Mariners
WR-Jay Jackson- Richmond Raiders WR- Keith Stokes – Harrisburg Stampede
DL-Fearon Wright- Baltimore Mariners
DL-Dayon Benson- Reading Express
DL-Melik Brown- Baltimore Mariners
LB- Adam Goloboski – Baltimore Mariners LB-Mike Woodhouse- Harrisburg Stampede
DB-Jeremy Gray- Harrisburg Stampede DB- Jerome Mann- Richmond Raiders
DB- Richard Johnson- Baltimore Mariners DB- Armar Watson – Baltimore Mariners
Special Teams
PK- J.R. Cipra- Baltimore Mariners
KR- Elliott White- New Jersey Revolution
All Purpose- Walter Ford – Fayetteville Guard
Front Office
Coach of the Year- Chris Simpson – Baltimore Mariners
Executive of the Year- Greg Justice- GM- Baltimore Mariners