2010 AIFA Bowl IV Recap

July 26, 2010

Congratulations to the Baltimore Mariners on defeating the Wyoming Cavalry 57-42 to win the 2010 AIFA Championship. I want to give credit to the entire Mariners organization on an undefeated 2010 season. Here are a few random thoughts on the championship game; The crowd at 1st Mariner was solid, I would guess a legit 4,500 or so in attendance….The Mariners gameday staff and General Manager Greg Justice did an excellent job with the in-game presentation, there was a lot of activity going on during the game and it was all done in a very slick and professional manner….Tremendous job by the Mariners coaching staff sticking with their game-plan throughout the contest and capitalizing on Wyoming’s mistakes….Excellent game-plan coming into the game by Wyoming coach Dan Maciejczak they were in a position to win the football game throughout….Wyoming receiver Jasonus Tillery was a force on Sunday with 170 yards and 5 touchdowns and the Mariners secondary consistently struggled to cover him down the field….The Mariners defensive line was quiet early but came up big with several key sacks of Wyoming QB Matt Strand during the second half….Baltimore Kicker J.R. Cipra was a deciding factor in the game with a big field goal before the half to cut the Wyoming lead to seven points and drilling several uno’s to back the Wyoming offense up….Many fans have blasted the Wyoming strategy of not using a kicker and going for two throughout the game and this strategy backfired because the Cavalry did not convert on several key 2-pt conversions in the 2nd half, however had the Cavalry been able to convert on a few more of these it could have been a different game, an example of this was early in the game when Wyoming was up 16-6 after Cipra missed his first PAT had Wyoming been able to score again and add the 2pt Conversion they would have stretched their lead to a three score margin….With that said it will be interesting to see if Wyoming adds a kicker to the mix for next season….The Indoor Football off-season has now begun as each of the respective leagues have completed their Championship Games.

Baltimore Sun photo by Barbara Haddock Taylor