You Make the Call

July 7, 2010

Being an official in professional indoor football is a difficult job. The speed and quickness of the game forces you to have to make split second decisions. I would like to share two clips with you from a recent AIFA Playoff Game. Both of these clips appear to be touchdowns – however they were ruled not touchdowns by the officiating crew on the field. Play #1 was the final play of the first half and was ruled a fumble on the field and was recovered by Harrisburg. A key rule to remember on this play is that the ground can not cause a fumble when impacted by an opposing player. This was a critical play prior to the end of the first half in what ended up as four point win for Harrisburg. Play #2 was in the 4th quarter and was ruled down at the one foot line. These appear to be touchdowns, or were they? You make the call- Have Fun!

You Make The Call

Play #1

Play #2